President’s Report

The past year saw the full implementation of a new governance model comprising a smaller board, focused on managing strategy, and a number of largely autonomous working groups accountable to the board. Our operating philosophy has been to empower and support the working groups, to better leverage our capacity and partnerships, extend our influence and provide more value for our members.

We have every reason to be pleased at the results achieved over the past year. Membership has grown as have our revenues, which has enabled us to improve our services. We have enhanced our online publication, HazNet, which is an important vehicle for showcasing research and innovation. We have strengthened our online presence and social media channels, which help to foster dialog, and socialize knowledge, methods and tools. We have also sponsored a number of new research initiatives that have fostered new partnerships and attracted investment.

We continue to offer a great showcase for research and practice through our annual Symposium, which attracts educators and students, leading researchers and practitioners and serves as Canada’s showcase for innovation in disaster management. Our recent Symposium in Montreal attracted nearly 200 participants from a dozen countries. Mindful of Canada’s worst modern era disaster, our next Symposium will be held in Halifax, with the theme of “Building Resilience: from Catastrophe to Capacity”.

We continue to expand our service offerings. We recently instituted the T. Joseph Scanlon Lifetime Achievement Award, which along with the Larry Pearce Education Award and our Student Bursary Program, recognizes excellence. We have instituted a formal mentorship program, which pairs established Canadian academics, researchers and practitioners, with students and new professionals, to share their knowledge, insights and experience.

Our network has grown and strengthened in the past year, and we are positioned well to serve those concerned with reducing disaster risk, fostering disaster resilience and managing events. Our value proposition remains to be a network of networks, to foster collaboration and innovation in disaster risk reduction and community resilience. To that end, we value your continued interest, your active participation and your contributions to building a resilient Canada.

Ernest MacGillivray, President CRHNet

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