Climate change grants, training, and resources for Canadian cities and towns of all sizes

Significant shifts in weather patterns are already underway in many regions of Canada. Storms of greater intensity and frequency, record-setting droughts and larger-than-normal surges in sea levels pose particular challenges for municipalities.

In addition to these challenges resulting from climate change, many of the municipal services that residents use everyday—drinking water, sewage treatment and roads—rely on infrastructure that is near or past its intended lifecycle and was never designed to withstand rapid changes in climate patterns.

The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP) can help your community adapt to the realities of a changing climate, provide support to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and tackle the root causes of climate change. Delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and funded by the Government of Canada, MCIP is available to all municipalities and their partners.

Municipalities can benefit from funding, training and information sharing

The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program helps municipalities in four ways:

  • Raising awareness of climate change, its impacts on infrastructure and how municipalities can manage the associated risks.
  • Providing technical expertise to municipalities through training and workshops.
  • Funding for projects like climate adaptation plans and climate vulnerability assessments related to extreme weather events.
  • Gathering and sharing relevant knowledge and lessons learned about the experiences gained through the program by participating municipalities with the rest of the municipal sector.

MCIP provides funding to municipalities for a broad range of plans, studies and capital projects that will reduce vulnerability to climate change impacts. Support is also available for staff salaries to plan and implement climate change adaptation projects.

Funding for partner organizations to provide support to groups of municipalities to develop plans, studies or other strategies to reduce GHG emissions or adapt to climate change impacts will be available this spring.

To learn more, contact the Federation of Canadian Municipalities at 1-877-997-9926, or

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