The 2017 CRHNet National Awards

The Canadian Risk and Hazards Network is proud to promote and encourage excellence in disaster education, research and praxis. In the fall of 2016, CRHNet recognized nine deserving individuals for their contributions to Canadian disaster risk management through three national awards: The Symposium Travel Bursary, the Larry Pearce Education Award, and the CRHNet Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Symposium Travel Bursary was offered to five students in 2016. Winners of this award each received registration at the annual CRHNet Symposium and up to $500 to reimburse their symposium travel expenses to Montreal, QC, this past fall. Winners (in alphabetical order) were Arielle Dalley (UBC), Catherine Kenny (York), Alexandra Rutledge (Waterloo), Amber Silver (Waterloo), and Lacey Willmott (Waterloo).

The 2016 Larry Pearce Education Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions of students and is granted to help defray the cost of education in the year in which the award is given, is a tiered award offering first place ($1,000), second place ($750), and third place ($500) awards. The 2016 recipients were 1st Place: Faraz Hassan (Victoria), 2nd Place: Catherine Kenny (York) and 3rd Place: Zalma Sahar (York).

This past year, the CRHNet Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced at the 2016 Fall Symposium and was awarded posthumously to T. Joseph Scanlon. Professor Scanlon was recognized for his career contributions as a journalist, journalism professor and long-time disaster researcher. For nearly 20 years Joe Scanlon organized and ran the Emergency Communications Research Unit at Carleton University. In 1987-88 he was a visiting professor at the Disaster Research Centre, University of Delaware, and in 1994 was elected the President of the International Research Committee for Disasters Research, International Sociological Association. Retiring in 1995, Professor Scanlon continued to write and in 1996 became the general editor of a series of six books on disaster. He was honoured with the Charles Fritz award for lifetime contributions to the Sociology of Disasters in 2002, and it was an honour for CRHNet to recognize Joe’s contributions to Canadian disaster management.

We congratulate each of the winners on their individual achievements and look forward to announcing the 2017 CRHNet Award recipients. Final details on the 2017 CRHNet Awards will be available on the CRHNet website ( by July 1, 2017. Applications from across Canada are welcome. Good luck!

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