Message from the executives

Message from the president

It has been my privilege to assume the role of President for CRHNet, for the next two years. I realize that I walk in the footsteps of some visionary leaders that came before me, and I am committed to continue to work hard to continue to make CRHNet a stronger, more inclusive, and more resilient organization as we lean into the future. If this excites you, as it does me, I invite you to join our board or one of the committees, so that you too can contribute to the realization of CRHNet’s vision.

As I reflect on the word Hope, the theme for this edition of HazNet, I must admit that I have had moments over the past few years where I struggled to feel hope, particularly as I watched as our world seemingly became more and more divisive. Then I remembered that hope isn’t something that just happens to us, it is something that we need to choose to create, hold onto, and share with others. It comes from the inside, and although I couldn’t control all of the things that were happening in my external environment, I could control my beliefs, feelings, and outward expressions. And so I did.

Hope prevailed over despair and frustration, and it helped me change the stories that I was telling myself. Change can be a good thing. Leaders can emerge in darkness. Communities can be reimagined. Our environment can heal. We can listen, learn, and do better. These are all things that I continue to hope for, and hopefully, inspire others to do the same. I share my feelings of hope now in my words, attitude, and also in my art. Our world needs more hope. It is a great theme to focus on and celebrate, and I look forward to reading the stories of how we found hope in this edition.

Please take care of yourself and each other.

Jodi Manz-Henezi, BSc, BA, MA-DEM
President, CRHNet

Message from the vice-president

Hope … I did not become involved in emergency management because I like emergency plans, emergency operations centres, or situational reports. I was drawn to emergency management because it can make a difference in people‚Äôs lives when they are confronted by difficult and sometimes traumatic events. We know today that most people are incredibly resilient, though resiliency does not mean people do not suffer. What we do in supporting people in these difficult times, which includes managing emergencies and disasters in efficient and humane ways, can reduce that suffering. What we do in helping people and families to rebuild their lives with respect and dignity can maintain their sense of hope for the future.

How well we do this, drawing from our collective experiences and knowledge, is critical to continually enhancing our capacity to support people. CRHNet has been and will continue to bring professionals, academics, and decision-makers together to ensure we continue to strengthen our capacity to support communities and people during emergencies and disasters. To this end, while CRHNet itself may not have a direct role in managing emergencies and disasters, it has an important place in promoting the importance of hope for people and communities across Canada during trying and difficult times.

Dave Hutton, PhD
Vice-President, CRHNet

Message from the treasurer

Hello to all the members of CRHNet. You may not hear from me very often, but I have the privilege of being your treasurer. Through the years I have enjoyed the position, as you are involved with all aspects of CRHNet. Finances impact the organization as a whole, so you get to meet everyone.

We and the world have been living with a pandemic for the last two years. While this is not news, it hampered our activities, those of our colleagues, and fellow organizations. Nevertheless, we have survived and will move forward to thrive in the future, helping to bring together those involved in all aspects of DEM in both public and private. This was just the sort of event we were made to respond to and recover from.

On a personal note, this is my last term as treasurer. We have been able to modernize, professionalize and digitize reporting, payment, and accounting methods. All of this makes my job easier, and that of the next treasurer. The incumbent will get to meet people involved in all facets of the DEM field throughout the country and around the world. If you are interested, please contact our Executive Director, Ramona McVicker.

I wish you luck in all you do to diminish the impacts of disasters, may you never have to use your plans and all your black swans stay in Australia.

Mark W. Baker, MA, FCIP, CRM, CBCP, MBCI
Treasurer, CRHNet