Editor's Note

This pandemic has arguably brought a remarkable degree of “disaster literacy” to children and adults. Household preparedness, personal protective equipment, stockpiling, supply chain management are only some of the list of elements gaining growing awareness that are needed to build a resilient society. As the one-year mark of the global pandemic nears, it is an opportune time to step back, reflect, and take stock. While it is too early to know the full extent of the impacts of COVID-19 on Canadians, there are many initial learnings that highlight what worked well, indicate areas of opportunity, and guide any immediate course corrections. But it is more than that. In putting this momentous issue together, we went on a trip through time, reliving each milestone and setback, tracing the highs and lows, and with that, gaining a new perspective on not only how much we have lost, but how much we have achieved. It has been a year for the history books, but in this issue we focus on the critical first few months of the pandemic: the first wave.

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2020 CRHNet Awards

In a year that was dominated by sombre headlines, we recently had the pleasure of announcing the...




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