Nature inspired to create

By Bettina Williams

My artwork is my transition for rediscovering and refreshing who I am. It is allowing me to be grateful, resilient, confident, and to celebrate achievements, opportunities, and freedoms. Bees Art Designs is my artistic adventure, influenced by my surroundings living on the West Coast of British Columbia and exploring my backyard, from tidal pools to treetops. As a multi-passionate creator, I am game to give anything a try once, such as alcohol inks, acrylics, stained glass, pottery, and even wooden spoon making. My medium of choice is alcohol inks. These highly pigmented inks when mixed with isopropyl alcohol create interesting layers, depths of colour, and fluid movements. I love the versatility of working with the inks in creating abstracts, botanicals, or landscapes.

Artwork: Batchelor Cove by Bees Art Designs

My other passion is emergency management, and I am so fortunate to be a Program Manager for Credential Programs in the Emergency Management Division at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. It can be stressful, hectic, and at the same time very rewarding to know I am contributing to the field, ensuring students have the theoretical and applied knowledge to support communities and organizations when impacted by disasters.

Artwork: Aster by Bees Art Designs

During the pandemic and especially the loss of my mom a year and half ago, my artwork has provided an escape for self-care and granted me time to grieve. I found comfort in colour, calm in the flow of the inks, and a chance to get lost in my thoughts without the distractions and pressures of work or other events happening in my life or the world. As an emerging artist, I am fortunate to have the support of my two amazing sons, a loving partner, family, and friends.

Artwork: Time Flies by Bees Art Designs


Bettina Williams is a multi-passionate emerging alcohol ink artist inspired by nature to create abstracts and landscapes. Follow her on Instagram (@beesartdesigns) for lots of art inspiration or visit her website at