Making time for play

Artwork: Autumn Raven (2021), Acrylic on canvas

By Alex Valoroso

As the pandemic continued, I realized I needed to get away from working and being online, and to find ways to take a break from everything around me. I have always loved arts and crafts but rarely have time in the day to be creative, so I decided to make art a priority. I joined an art class in the fall of 2021 and loved the scheduled time in the week to just have fun and play with different mediums and art techniques. I let go of the idea of perfection with art and focused on fun and exploration. This has been a welcomed change and has inspired other creative pursuits. I’m looking forward to more classes this winter as well as exploring mixed media collage.


Alex Valoroso is an experienced emergency management practitioner and implementer of gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) within the provincial government. As the lead for Valoroso Consulting, she is currently working on several projects including research and developing training for domestic emergency management.