Executive Director’s Message

Springtime is upon us once again, which also means a new issue of HazNet, the magazine of the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network. HazNet is produced in the spring and fall of each year and has become a valuable resource for all working in emergency management and disaster risk reduction.

Thank you to our editor Lily Yumagulova and her editorial team for another excellent edition. My first interactions with Lily were as a contributor to an earlier edition of HazNet, and her eye for detail and commitment to a quality production are second to none.

As the seasons change, so too is CRHNet changing and growing. The Symposium last fall saw an expansion to the Board of Directors, the election of new faces around the table, and Michel C. Doré, a co-founder of CRHNet, stepping into the role of President. Last fall also saw the retirement of Marion Boon from the Executive Director position. Her experience in the emergency management and disaster risk reduction field was extensive, and she left very big shoes to fill. As your new Executive Director, I bring experience in municipal governance and resiliency planning to this opportunity to serve.

This is an exciting time for CRHNet, as the Board has made recent decisions to shake things up. They are creating more opportunities for all portions of the disaster risk reduction community to connect and share through actions
such as changing the timing of the annual Symposium and forming new partnerships for collaborative  conferences. I’m looking forward to supporting the Board’s national leadership and movement in these endeavours.

CRHNet’s commitment to the publication of HazNet remains strong. It is a vehicle to share your experiences, observations, and research, and is an integral part of CRHNet’s efforts to build stronger partnerships among academics, practitioners, NGOs and others in the emergency management community. Read it, learn from it, share it, and don’t be shy to contribute to future editions.

Enjoy this Spring 2018 edition of HazNet.

Christy Arseneau
Executive Director, CRHNet